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September 5th: Animation and FX for Games!

Last month’s meeting was fantastic! Andrew Seward presented his new Unity asset Player Prefs Anything, which allows for much better player prefs functionality than the out of the box version you get with Unity. Andrew is still looking for testers interested who will get a free copy of the asset! Drop in to our Discord and ask him! Brandon Lee and Brandon Yongbanthom gave a very educational presentation on photogrammetry coming from both the amateur and professional perspectives. Brandon Y used meshroom and Blender to convert some cell phone pics into a high-res model, and Brandon L used these high-poly Read More

Game Night, August 15th 6:30pm @ Dillinger Brewing Company

Come join us for games and brews at the Dillinger Brewing Company (Google Maps link: https://tinyurl.com/yxbj2wh8). They’re open to about 9ish, so we can get two hour long games in. They have a great beer selection and allow outside food, so bring a meal to soak up those brews!Come join the #game-night Discord channel for more info. This is a casual gathering, focused on playing games rather than making them. All are welcome! Board games and video games both welcome!

August 1st Meeting: Making Game Assets with Photogrammetry & Saving Games In Unity

Last meeting’s speaker Don Daglow was a blast! His experience is so broad, I think everyone in the room left with useful advice. We have a few short presentations this month, and I hope everyone gets something out of it this month as well. Making Game Assets with Photogrammetry Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to take things from the real world, scan them, and put them into your game? Enter photogrammetry! We’ll talk about some of the unique details of this process and by the end of the night you’ll know what photogrammetry, de-lighting, and retopologizing are! While Read More

Next Meeting, July 11th with Don Daglow!

We are quite excited to have our first speaker with an Emmy talk to our group, Don Daglow! He helped shape games as we know them by creating some of the very, very first games in the 70s. He developed the first graphical MMORPG Neverwinter Nights. And he’s written the highly rated book Indie Games: From Dream to Delivery. We highly recommend you attend, to get the opportunity to hear Don talk about his long and illustrious career. And if you have a burning question about how to get your game off the ground, feel free to ask that as well! Read More

Next meeting, May 2nd: Nano Paper Jam!

We had a great meeting last month, with a lot of updates and a couple presentations of games in progress. Next month we’ll be doing something a little different, holding our first ever ‘Nano Paper Jam’. What is a nano paper jam, you may ask? Watch the video below to find out! Come on by, meet some people, and make a game in a very short period of time! You’ll have fun, and maybe learn something by accident! Meeting Info When: May 2nd, 2019 at 7pm. Special meeting note: Due to the short time frame, the meeting will start at Read More

Next Monthly Meeting: April 4, 2019

Monthly meeting time! As always, it’s on the first Thursday of the month (April 4) at 7pm. Everyone with an interest in game dev is welcome! Join us at Tucson Games & Gadgets inside Tucson Mall (not the Park Place location!). Go into the Gaming Dungeon in the back of the store. See you there!

Monthly Meeting Tonight @ Tucson Games & Gadgets

Sorry for no updates here, I think we are feeling the fallout from hosting three events in January! We had some amazing games from the Global Game Jam shown off at our February meeting. This month we will be showing off more work from our local game creators. When: March 7th at 7pm. Where: Tucson Games & Gadgets inside Tucson Mall. Go into the Gaming Dungeon in the back of the store. What: Local vidja game makers showing off their latest projects and work!

Global Game Jam is next weekend! OMG!

Yes, next week Global Game Jam is happening! Starting at 5pm on Friday at the U of A we’ll be making a game in just 48 hours! If you haven’t RSVP’ed please do so, as we are filling up! Click here to see our jam site listing and to get more info. If have any questions please join your friendly neighborhood Discord! Or email me at chris@enemyhideout.com Preparing for a Game Jam A common question is: ‘Do i need to do anything before the jam?’. The answer to this is quite personal, and really depends on what you want to do! Read More

Game Dev Workshop January 12th! Please RSVP!

Next week we will be holding our first game dev workshop! This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the fun and challenging world of game development! It will be instructed by experienced developers and artists who can answer your questions and help you work through issues you may have. We can also help you get ready for the Global Game Jam on January 25th! Register for the event here! Workshop FAQ How much does it cost? The event is free. Who is this event for? This event is for beginners who are looking for a way to get started Read More

TGD Updates: Next Meeting, Workshop, and Game Jam!

We have THREE upcoming events here in January! :O If your new years resolution is to make that game you’ve always wanted, or to learn something new, TGD is the place to be. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! TGD Monthly Meeting: January 3rd, 7pm! TGD has a new meeting location! We are graciously being given space by Tucson Games & Gadgets in their Gaming Dungeon! Please note this is in the Tucson Mall location. This month we have a guest speaker: Diego Ross! Diego is a vehicle and weapons artist and modeller at Ryzin Studio. Read More