Game Jams

Tucson Game Dev hosts game jams whenever we can. It is a great way for people to break the ice and learn a lot about game development over the course of a couple days. TGD has hosted the Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare in the past.

Global Game Jam 2017

Global Game Jam Tucson was a blast with tons of games made! Check out the link below for all the games made by participants in 2017.

Global Game Jam Tucson 2017

Our post on the games.

Ludum Dare 39

CircleBots Share – Bobbly Elser

Mad Trax – boats, Benjamin Armour,  SamHunny, Gengi, Zahid, & EndilWayfare

Hominem Ex Machina – Chris Hill & Drew Castalia

Game Maker’s Tool Kit Gamejam

Micro Mower – Andrew Seward

Ludum Dare 36

Pyramid Scheme – Chris Hill & Drew Castalia

Global Game Jam 2016

Global Game Jam Tucson 2016