About TGD

Tucson Game Developers is a group of game-making enthusiasts mostly located in the Tucson metropolitan area. We have monthly meetings and put on various events to help grow game development in the town we call home.

Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, professional, or just interested in Tucson’s game development scene, we encourage you to hop onto our Discord server and say hello, or even to drop by one of our monthly meetings or other events. All are welcome, with no commitment or cost! We only ask that every participant abides by our simple code of conduct:

Code of Conduct

  1. One! Of! Us! As a participant to any degree in any TGD event or Discord channel, you are an official Tucson Game Developer! TGD is a supportive, inclusive, and safe community. We hope you enjoy being a part of it, and encourage you to engage your fellow community members!
  2. Respect all others. If you want to say or do something that would make our community less supportive, inclusive, or safe for anyone at all, please don’t.
  3. Share your concerns. If someone’s done something you feel is making TGD less supportive, inclusive, or safe, your concerns are valid. We encourage you to share them with community leadership, who will work with you to address them if you wish.
    • The fastest way to communicate is to go to our Discord server and ask for help in any channel, especially if you use the @Moderators tag. A community moderator will usually respond immediately.
    • If you’d prefer to be more discrete and the need isn’t urgent, then you can write an email  to tucsongamedev@gmail.com. Emails sent to this address will be received by Bobby Elser alone, and he’ll coordinate with you first to determine who else should be involved. Feel free to withhold your name and remain anonymous if that helps.
  4. Be graceful. Your fellow community members might point out that you’ve said or done something that makes our community less supportive, inclusive, or safe. A community moderator might even take steps to undo or limit your actions as a result. Even if you didn’t intend any offense or harm, you must accept these outcomes, take responsibility for the effects of your actions, and hopefully learn from the experience.
    • We encourage you to reach out to community moderators if you’re struggling to understand an issue you’ve caused or what you should do about it. We are happy to answer questions that might help with your understanding.