Author: chill

Ludum Dare: Juiced! Competition

How it Works If you’ve created a game for Ludum Dare over the LD weekend, you have one week to further polish your game. Then next Sunday October 13th we will host a competition. Read More

October 3rd: This Monthly Meeting is Augmented!

This Thursday our virtual speaker will be Dan Miller from Unity. Dan is an Augmented Reality specialist who is going to be presenting AR techniques in the Unity engine and how YOU can augment Read More

September 5th: Animation and FX for Games!

Last month’s meeting was fantastic! Andrew Seward presented his new Unity asset Player Prefs Anything, which allows for much better player prefs functionality than the out of the box version you get with Unity. Read More

Next meeting, May 2nd: Nano Paper Jam!

We had a great meeting last month, with a lot of updates and a couple presentations of games in progress. Next month we’ll be doing something a little different, holding our first ever ‘Nano Read More