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July 7th Meeting: Refactoring Your Game w/ Branden Conley

Have you ever written code and felt it could be better? Maybe you looked at some older code and wanted to improve it? Maybe you have some bugs you need to fix, but the code is a mess. How can you untangle it? This month’s meeting we’ll be talking about ways you can refactor your game’s code to be đź‘Śđź‘Śđź‘Ś When/Where/What When: July 7th, 7pm Where: The TGD Discord Special Note: This will be a pretty Programmer Heavy meeting! We will be providing more art-friendly content in future meetings. This Month’s Speaker: Branden Conley Branden is an Engineering Manager at Wizards...

June 2nd Meeting: Let’s add millions of polygons in Unreal 5!

When: June 2nd, 7pm Where: The TGD Discord Epic games is pushing game development in new and exciting directions with their latest version of Unreal. Unreal 5 contains a host of fantastic technologies, but chief among them are Nanite and Lumen. Nanite provides artists the ability to use cinematic quality assets in-game without the time-consuming process of optimizing them into game-ready assets. Lumen provides dynamic global illumination as well, without the need for, again, the time-consuming process of light baking. For a great breakdown of the latest features, you can watch the below video, OR why not join us in...

May Meeting: Ludum Dare Retrospective!

Coming up this Cinco De Mayo! We are celebrating this May by presenting and playtesting our latest games created during the last Ludum Dare game jam. This will be a more interactive meeting, where we’ll be doing a couple different activities such as downloading each other’s games, rating them, and also doing a quick retrospective. We hope to see you there! When: Wednesday May 5th @ 7PM Where: Our Discord Server’s General Voice Channel

April Meeting: Luke Vincent

Not much notice with this post, but most of our members in the Discord know that our next meeting will be happening this Wednesday, April 7th in our Discord channel per usual. This week’s speaker is Luke Vincent, creator of a number of games, including Harold’s Walk and Harold’s Return for the Nintendo 3DS! Luke’s games are weird and wonderful, and to get more of an idea of their quirky nature, check out this entertaining review: When: Wednesday April 7th @ 7PM Where: Our Discord Server’s General Voice Channel We hope to see you there!

March Meeting: Joshua Meehan!

This month we have a seriously talented artist speaking about his work: Joshua Meehan! Joshua is a Tucsonan currently working on the tabletop rpg Ironsworn: Starforged. Joshua will be joining us to talk about his stylish character designs and how he approaches his work. Ironsworn: Starforged is coming to Kickstarter soon. Until it goes live I recommend you follow Joshua on Instagram to get the latest updates on the game, and also Joshua’s great work. March Meeting Details Time: March 3rd at 7pm Place: Our Discord Server Hope to see you there!

February Meeting: Nano Jam 2.0!

Our last meeting was super informative. Ted Alspach gave us a lot of great information about the development of his latest game: Maglev Metro. Check out his latest Kickstarter for Castles of Mad King Ludgwig as well (funded in 3 minutes?! :O ). This month we have a really fun activity planned: Nano Jam 2! With the lack of in-person jams, we wanted to do something social, and also without requiring a huge time investment. So here we are with: Nano Jam 2.0! The premise is simple: we’ll prototype a game during the meeting, then break off for some short...

Next Meeting: Bezier Games’ Ted Alspach!

Happy Holidays! After your festivities we hope that you are available to join the merriment at our January TGD meeting. We are pleased to have the CEO of Bezier Games, Ted Alspach, speaking at our latest meeting. Ted is a veteran of the games industry, having published numerous high-profile and well regarded board games such as Ultimate Werewolf, Suburbia, and Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Ted will be speaking about his latest projects such as Maglev Metro and Whistle Mountain. Come and ask your burning game design questions, or just hang out! Meetings are currently taking place virtually in our Discord. For more...

Next Meeting: Creating Great Character Designs with Ted Lockwood

What does it take to make memorable creative character designs? Join us as we talk with character artist Ted Lockwood about his amazing work and process. Ted currently works at Stoic Studios and has also worked on the beautiful and unique moba Gigantic. Check out Ted’s ArtStation for examples of his great work. Join us Wednesday December 2nd at 7pm in our Discord server. We will also be giving away some sweet freebies as always! Hope to see you then!

Next Meeting: Gwen Frey talks about Kine.

Our previous meeting with Startup Tucson and Boss Battle was very informative and super fun. Expect to see the videos from that going live on Youtube soon. This month we have the talented Gwen Frey from Chump Squad talking about her game Kine which just launched on Steam! Kine is a puzzle platformer developed by Gwen using Unreal. Have you ever wondered if it was possible to develop a game without getting deep into code? Kine proves that you can create an amazing game through visual systems. It was coded visually using Unreal’s Blueprints system. Join us Wednesday November 4th...

Ludum Dare 47 Tucson Jam!

We frequently organize around two game jams a year: Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam. And last year we provided trophies and cash to the top games for Ludum Dare 45. And this year we plan on doing the same for Ludum Dare 47! What is Ludum Dare? Ludum Dare is a game jam that occurs twice a year (historically it used to occur 3 times a year). What’s a game jam you ask? Its when a small team gets together and builds a game over the weekend. Ludum Dare 47 will occur October 2nd-5th. There are two events...